ADAPT Community Network
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The Training Collaborative Strengthens Relationship Between Families and Staff

ADAPT Community Network aims to support the learning and development of all employees through our career development programs. One of our career development programs is The Training Collaborative for Innovative Leadership lead by Peg Gould which provides competency-based training that fosters leadership, best practices, and most importantly, enhances the quality of life of the individuals […]

COVID-19 Vaccine: Information and Resources

With news about vaccines changing rapidly, ADAPT is committed to providing you with information as it’s available to help you protect yourself, loved ones, and persons supported. Studies show that the COVID-19 vaccines are an effective way of protecting people against getting the virus. The vaccine will teach your immune system how to recognize and […]

Supporting Families at ADAPT

Anyone with a bad back knows how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Now picture yourself on an inadequate mattress. Jamel, a 14-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism, was experiencing just that, severe back pain, causing him to have trouble standing and sleeping. He was scheduled for surgery in late December of […]

The Beatbox Workshop is a new favorite amongst the people supported by ADAPT

The virtual beatboxing workshops at ADAPT are booming! In partnership with the BEAT, we offer beatbox workshops to people supported. BEAT (Bridging Education and Art Together) believes in the transformative power of Hip Hop to uplift and heal our bodies and minds. The organization aims to provide inclusive, accessible arts education rooted in Hip Hop […]