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Anyone with a bad back knows how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Now picture yourself on an inadequate mattress. Jamel, a 14-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism, was experiencing just that, severe back pain, causing him to have trouble standing and sleeping. He was scheduled for surgery in late December of last year but was hoping for a new bed in order help him recover and heal.

Jamel’s mother, Ms. Phyillis Atwood, did not have the financial means to purchase the bed on her own. She submitted an application to Danielle Raymond in the Family Reimbursement department here at ADAPT Community Network in the hopes of obtaining financial assistance.

The Family Reimbursement Program assists families with needs that often make all the difference in caring for a family member with a disability at home.

Families are eligible to apply once per fiscal year. Only individuals who live at home with their families and are enrolled and approved to receive services through Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) are eligible to apply.

Danielle was able to get an expedited application, which usually takes up to three months to process. The application process requires families to submit all original receipts, documents, and bank or credit card statements to support their request, which is then reviewed by ADAPT and sent to the Developmental Disability Regional Office (DDRO) for final approval.

“I am so happy we were able to help Jamel. ADAPT provided the funds directly to the local business, making it easier for everyone to get Jamel his much-needed bed before being discharged from the hospital,” says Danielle.

Ms. Atwood states, “I am so grateful to work with a company that can help my son and me in our time of need. ADAPT worked quickly with my son Jamel’s Care Manager to provide funds to purchase a new bed. He had back surgery and truly needed this purchase. My son and I are appreciative of the funds and the support we received.”

For more information on Family Reimbursements, please visits or contact Project Connect at or call (877) 827-2666.




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