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Developed by ADAPT, this curriculum provides sensitivity training to healthcare professionals. The curriculum enhances the quality of care provided to individuals with disabilities by health care professionals. Participants come to understand general principles and etiquette for interacting with persons with disabilities. This curriculum includes a video and teaching guide to accompany the curriculum. Copies of the curriculum are available through our Marketing Department, 212-683-6700 x1207,

The HealthLink Training Program was started over 12 years ago and has been provided to hundreds of students and healthcare providers since it first started. Its purpose is to fill the gaps in education and training on how to provide quality healthcare to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and provide this in a way that’s informative and engaging. The HealthLink training program consists of a 60 to 90 minute virtual or onsite lecture accompanied by the HealthLink film produced in partnership with Positive Exposure that you see here. Please contact Project Connect for further details.

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