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Employment services

At ADAPT Community Network, we are committed to finding employment opportunities tailored to the individual’s interests, abilities and strengths. We work to match job seekers with the right job based on their strengths and interests. We maintain an ongoing presence in the individual’s professional life, offering vocational training, job development, job site adjustment, professional development, job coaching, adaptive technology, and ongoing counseling and support as needed.

Pre-Employment Services

Before we can assist people in obtaining jobs, we offer them the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed. People have the opportunity to volunteer at various community centers, soup kitchens, hospitals etc. Additionally, we support the development of internships, which often can lead to employment. Throughout our adult learning and community centers we offer skill development in areas such as resume preparation, job interviews or additional education in computer skills, etc that can best prepare a person for employment.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment provides individuals the opportunity to obtain and maintain employment. Employment Specialists offer ongoing support to the employee and employer, and play a crucial role in making sure the job match is a good fit for both the employee and employer. On the job supports are provided to help new skills and tasks. This includes intake evaluations, job search, and thorough job coaching and job stabilization.

If you are interested in learning more on our supported employment programs, please contact Project Connect, 877-827-2666.

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