ADAPT Has a Spectacularly Spooky Halloween 

What’s a better Halloween treat than a good scary story? Only a live performance of an original murder mystery play—something that attendees of ADAPT Community Network’s Lawrence Ave. Adult Learning Center were lucky enough to witness in person on Friday, October 28th as part of the Halloween Spooktacular event.   People supported and staff gathered in […]

ADAPT’s Pop-Up Access to Health Informational Events Across NYC

Throughout the month of June, ADAPT Community Network hosted four Access to Health pop-up events across the city. Each event took place in a different borough: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. This initiative was funded by a grant from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Speaker Adrienne Adams and the New […]

Celebrating ADAPT Community Networks 2022 Graduates

As another school year winds down, it’s important to reflect on all the hard work and accomplishments of all our students, especially our graduates. Graduation is not only an important milestone; it also is a testament to the achievement that have been made throughout their time at ADAPT Community Network.   Our teachers and staff […]

Radical Joy Ball Performed at Whitney Museum of American Art

Back by popular demand, ADAPT Community Network hosted their second Radical Joy Ball. This year there were two events to commemorate LGBTQ+ individuals within our community. The Radical Joy Ball celebrates the pride of self-expression. At this event we highlighted disability and LGBTQ+ pride. We recognize, honor, and celebrate those within our community who are […]

ADAPT Collaborates with Positive Exposure to Promote a More Inclusive World

ADAPT is excited to collaborate with Positive Exposure, a non-profit organization that promotes an inclusive world through photography, film, educational programs, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Positive Exposure and ADAPT will be working on 5 FRAME (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) Films that will work towards an improved healthcare workforce with a better understanding […]