The William O’Connor Bayridge School

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Welcome to The William O’Connor Bayridge School

The William O’Connor Bayridge School is located at 420 95th Street Brooklyn, NY 11209

School Information

The WOC Bayridge School consists of 4 floors with the main office and 15 classrooms. All floors incorporate classes with ratios of 12:1:2 and 8:1:2 as well as an Integrated.

Classroom including Pre K for All students and a 3 for ALL classroom. There is one bilingual Spanish 12:1:2 classroom. Our other classrooms provide bilingual teacher assistants to support additional second language needs.

The WOC Bayridge School has an open door policy. Parents are welcome to visit anytime during the school day. We offer parent support groups.

Families provide Breakfast and lunch. Each classroom has a refrigerator and microwave to allow for warm lfood as well.

The school day runs from 8:30 am to 2:30pm and 8:50am to 2:50pm for PreK for All students.

We are a 12 month school program.

WOC Bayridge School offers and Occupational and Physical Therapy Gyms. We offer Adaptive Physical Edcucation. There is an indoor and outdoor play area.

We provide all related services in a push out/push in model throughout the school day. Related services include, OT, SP, PT, counseling services.

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