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Scuba Diving an Exciting Adaptive Activity for Individuals

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The underwater world of scuba diving is a great opportunity for a person with a disability. This weightless environment can offer a new sense of independence that cannot be found on land. As the sport of scuba diving has evolved into an accessible and fun recreational activity, it has also emerged as one of the best forms of rehabilitation and adaptive sporting for individuals with disabilities.

By utilizing new innovative technologies, an adaptive scuba diver has the ability to become completely independent while entering and exiting the water, discovering the ultimate inclusive sport.

“I cannot explain how much the participants look forward to this SCUBA event in the swimming pool,” said Exercise Physiologist Shirley, who works within the ADAPT Recreation Program. “The opportunity to develop camaraderie in a fun and relaxed environment with peers and professional instructors is remarkable!”

The divers from the ADAPT Adult Program who took part in the scuba diving event at the pool in Brooklyn included: Alex Greer, Manuel Phillips, Dwayne Correy, Pamilla White, Debra Maher, Markia Carter, and Darlene Beltran. The event was supported by Greg Dunston, a Direct Service Professional who also helps coach the ADAPT basketball team.

“I know I said I only want to snorkel but the water is too low on this end; I’ll try the deeper end with scuba stuff, I’m already here and in the water—I’ll give it a try, it looks like fun. I’m scared but will do it. You did it Shirley, now it’s my turn!” said Debra Maher, beginner, first time diver.



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