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West End Visits

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In February, our 80 West End Avenue Manhattan Children’s program hosted guests from our upcoming ADAPT Community Network Gala on March 14th, 2019. On February 29th, Cara Buono (actor and guest host of the upcoming Gala) and her family came for their tour of our facility. On February 4th, our honorees Tony Danza (Actor and Humanitarian) and Peter Meyer (Market President for TD Bank) came for their tour of our preschool special education site. On February 25th, Abigail Hawk (Actress and Presenter at our upcoming Gala) and her husband came for their tour. The tours were a wonderful experience for the children and staff of the ADAPT Community Network’s Manhattan Children’s Program!

During the tours, led by Gabriela Hernandez, Director of Manhattan Children’s program, our guests got to see some of our students and staff in action.  Cara Bruno, Tony Danza, Peter Meyer and Abigail Hawk were able to participate in classroom activities throughout the school building.  They were able to see our staff work in small group activities and see how we are providing assistance to the children we serve each day.  Tony Danza sang “Happy Birthday” to one of our students’ celebrating his birthday.  It was an amazing moment for both the staff and students in the class. Also, both visiting groups got to see our therapists in action providing individualized sessions to some of our children.  After touring our school program, Cara Bruno, Tony Danza, Peter Myer and Abigail Hawk were able to tour our new Tech Works facility.  They were given a demonstration of our TRAID program and how we provide assistance to people in the five boroughs of NYC.  Peter Pitarresi (Director of Tech Works) spoke about our lending program and some of our new innovative solutions for people with disabilities.

We are so grateful for their appearances at our ADAPT children’s facility. We are very thankful for generous support towards our ADAPT programs and look forward to upcoming ADAPT Community Network Gala!



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