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United Cerebral Palsy of NYC: Carrying the Torch of Quality

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By Anne Buechner | CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

In the midst of organizational growth, including absorbing new organizations, a name change and leadership development, two leaders at United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCP of NYC) continue in their steadfast charge to impact positive change in people’s lives. Michael Putis and Anne Ross, CQL Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) Certified Trainers, continue to carry the torch for quality, not only for the people they support, but for the change-makers (staff) within their organization.

I recently facilitated a 4-day Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshop at their organization in New York City. Not only did all the participants actively engage, but people supported (as volunteer interviewees) were afforded the courtesy and respect of confirming appointments and personalized consents. Workshop participants were scheduled to meet and interview people in locations close to their home base. Follow-up activities abounded in not only one appointment having been pre-arranged, but sometimes two and three. Through their modeling, Anne and Michael demonstrated respect for all people at every turn. Not only did this prove effective for the participants, but allowed me to focus on the shared-learning that is hoped for in our workshops.

Throughout the workshop. Michael and Anne touched base to ensure activities were going as planned. They took the time to interact with the workshop participants, facilitating ease wherever possible. During my time there, I introduced the model of Supported Decision-Making. Michael and Anne opened their hearts and minds and problem solving hats looking toward potential agency implementation.

Two of the workshop participants, also POM Certified Interviewer Candidates, greatly benefited from these purposeful and supportive efforts. To that end, each later successfully achieved certification and now join the charge of change-agents in continued positive transformation. Kudos to UCP of NYC, and to Michael and Anne, for all that they do in their continued efforts for organizational change focusing on quality of life for people!




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