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The ADAPT Theatre Group Transports Audience to Almost, Maine 

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On Thursday, May 18th and Friday, May 19th, the ADAPT Theatre Group performed Almost, Maine: a play by John Cariani. The play, which is the most-performed high school play in the country, consists of several short scenes, all taking place in the tiny town of Almost, Maine. Each segment revolves around the theme of love and ranges from heartwarming to heartbreaking.  

The play, which the Theatre Group had been working on for over three months, contained a roster of incredibly talented actors—a mix of individuals supported by ADAPT and actors from the community.  

The show’s production was bursting with creativity and included personalized backdrops, musical interludes, and title cards and subtitles for the audience. Many of Almost, Maine’s segments contain a magical element, such as a character who carries her broken heart in a bag and a couple who exchange love in the form of boxes. But despite its fantastical components, Almost, Maine connects to its audience through the universal theme of love and a dash of humor. 

Joel Baez, an individual supported by ADAPT, is no stranger to the stage. Not only did he perform a theatrical monologue in the recent ADAPT Talent Show, but he also announces the weather on Wake Up ADAPT, ADAPT Community Network’s daily morning show. In addition, Joel is a seasoned actor, having performed in ADAPT Theatre Group’s As You Like It play last year.  

Almost, Maine had both comedic and dramatic moments, but Joel said he preferred the funny moments. 

“[The audience] really liked [the play] and everyone had good reactions,” Joel said of the Friday afternoon show. “I was acting physically, emotionally, and mentally good. Some of the parts were funny, some were more serious.” 

Tony Switzer, another performer from ADAPT, also enjoyed the audience’s reactions. 

“It was a lot of interaction,” Tony said, “with everyone laughing and gasping.” 

Tony’s scene was performed alongside Sophie, a community actor, and he appreciated the experience. 

“She made me a better actor, to be honest,” Tony said. “Because she’s outside, coming in and working with us, it’s a whole new experience for us.” 

Thank you to the ADAPT Theatre Group and the rest of the Community Development team for bringing Almost, Maine to life! Also, congratulations to all of the actors, both inside and outside of ADAPT, for putting on two show-stopping performances! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel ( for a full recording in the coming weeks. 



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