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Sing For Hope Visits the Belsky House Residents in Honor of Martin Luther King Day

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Even in the frigid winter weather, Sing for Hope volunteers brought joy to the residents of ADAPT’s Belsky House on Martin Luther King Day. The event featured music, poetry readings and quilt making. Fifteen Sing for Hope Artist Partners were joined by the participating residents in sing-alongs of songs, including We Shall Overcome, Lean on Me and Heal the World. The individuals also collaborated on a visual art project where each resident designed their own square of a quilt, which was assembled at the end of the day and later displayed on the Sing for Hope stage at Port Authority.

“The Martin Luther King Day party at Belsky House was my ideal for what a show should be: a conversation, a give-and-take between audience and performers where everyone’s voice is heard. I’ve worked with the clients at ADAPT a number of times and always come away inspired!” said Lloyd H. Miller, Sing for Hope Artist Partner.

“Working with ADAPT was an ideal way to spend MLK Day! The event was joyful and really embodied the spirit of community that the holiday represents,” added Shelley Farmer, Sing for Hope Artist Partner.

A big thank you goes to Sing for Hope volunteers who work with us and the people we support on an on-going basis to bring music and arts to our programs!



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