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Sensor Technology Increasing Independence

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UCP of NYC has been working with SimplyHome, an organization that has an extensive product line and services for independent living.

SimplyHome’s product line allows people with disabilities to live more independently. Products include medication dispensers as well as emergency response and environmental controls that enable individuals to operate beds, lights, TVs, doors, and more via tablet or voice-activation.

UCP currently has individuals from the Waterside and Tanya Towers residences benefitting from these technologies. Thanks to the Balancing Incentives Program (BIP), UCP of NYC has been able to make assistive technology purchases for individuals in order to improve their independence and health outcomes.

Efrain, a resident at Tanya Towers, uses SimplyHome technologies that increase his independence. He uses a medication dispenser, which allows him to take medication without assistance from staff. Previously, staff held on to his pill box and would bring medication around to him twice daily.

“I wake up at 6:00 a.m. and am leaving at 7:00 a.m. to go to program so I like just getting up and being able to get going,” said Efrain. “It’s my own routine, I don’t have to wait for staff.”

Efrain also utilizes blood pressure and blood sugar machines. If levels go outside of the parameters set by Efrain and nursing staff, he will get a call from SimplyHome and the nurse will receive a follow-up call.

“Before, Efrain was completely dependent on staff,” noted the nurse on staff, Jahnin. “With training and education, he can now do these things independently.”

Murray from UCP’s Waterside residence has had a few different pieces of technology installed in his apartment recently. Murray has motion sensors which are tailored to him and will alert staff if there are certain triggers. He also has fire safety sensor and water sensors. In years past, Murray had had issues with flooding from accidentally leaving water running, causing an issue with building management. Thanks to the water sensors, staff members are now alerted if water reaches a certain level on the floor and are able to assist Murray.

SimplyHome technologies allow individuals like Murray and Efrain to harness their skills for more independent living with technologies that allow them to perform tasks that they had difficulty accomplishing before such as obtaining compliance in medication administration, managing chronic conditions and improving accessibility to basic home features.

“We are proud to work with an organization who believes as strongly as we do in supporting individual’s independence through technology,” said Allen Ray, SimplyHome CEO.



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