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The Royal Danish Consulate General and Danish Cerebral Palsy Experts Visit ADAPT’s Brooklyn Facility

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On April 16th, the Royal Danish Consulate General’s experts on Cerebral Palsy and technology for disabilities visited ADAPT Brooklyn programs. Anders Lindskov Jensen (Senior Commercial Advisor, Royal Danish Consulate General),  Nicklas Kronvald Jorgensen (Commercial Intern, Royal Danish Consulate General), Kim Norup Frederiksen (Principal from Jonstrupvang, a health care center for people with Cerebral Palsy) and Kristian Mainz (The Communication Center of the Capital Region of Denmark). The Danish Government is joining other European countries in transitioning to a more conservative healthcare model, forcing providers to be more creative and resourceful, and want a cultural exchange with a prominent New York provider. The Consulate chose to visit ADAPT because they were impressed by our website, new brand, and reputation of our programs and services.  ADAPT staff provided a tour of our Lawrence Avenue location, shared our latest technologies and community impact video along with an informative panel of staff discussing the various programs here at ADAPT.

The Consulate was particularly interested in our TechWorks program, which includes the latest assistive technologies for individuals with disabilities and our unique TechWorks to Go Van which brings technology to the 5 boroughs of New York City.  The Danish experts shared their experience with smart homes with us since ADAPT is in the initial phase of building a smart home in the Bronx.  Our ADAPT Specialists shared a variety of activities we provide including a new digital art project to create comic books with superheroes who have disabilities and our hip-hop and rap music program.  They plan to bring back a video of our rap star, William Branch, to show people in Denmark!

In addition, we showed our SHARE Center and lending library of augmentative communication devices, adaptive toys and other equipment available to the general public for borrowing.  We ended the day with an overview of the transition in our services and the impact this will have for individuals and families we serve. Laura DeCarlo, Vice President, Clinic Services, explained the health care outcomes that will be required in the medical/health settings. This is something that the Danes will also deal with in the near future.  They were impressed by the longstanding leadership that has successfully positioned ADAPT as a leading provider in the disability field with many accreditations.  We want to thank the Royal Danish Consulate General for this memorable visit and look forward to collaborating in the future!



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