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Remote Learning

Remote Learning- Bridging the Gap Amidst Social Distancing

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Being at home doesn’t stop the people we support at ADAPT Community Network from keeping up with their studies. Generally, people supported, and ADAPT’s Education and Writing Specialists would meet in person at our Day Habilitation Programs to have one-on-one or group sessions to work on a subject or topic of their choice. Since our Day Habilitation Programs were forced to close due to COVID-19, ADAPT has continued to find innovative ways to proceed as usual and offer our education services remotely.

Topics of interest for the classes range from disability awareness, disability rights, the portrayal of disabilities in media, and the cultural context of disabilities and how it’s continuously changing. Group sessions are focused more on basic education and preparing people supported for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) test, formerly known as the General Educational Development (GED) test. Subjects include, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math.

These group classes focused on preparing for the TASC test initiated just under ten years ago during a focus group with our Self-Advocacy Leadership group. They were discussing long terms goals, and ADAPT was considering ways to assist people supported to meet their goal. Passing the GED/TASC test and going on to college was at the top of their list. We were fortunate enough to be able to expand our program of specialists to focus on providing classes and supports for those interested in taking the TASC test.

We were honored to have Kimberly Kerr, join the team of Education Specialists last Spring as a consultant for Disability Education and Basic Education classes. As a child, Kimberly attended our Pre-School program at Lawrence Ave. She has gone on to receive many accolades since graduating, including her master’s in Education as well as a certificate in Guidance Counseling. She is also currently working as an Adjunct Professor at Brooklyn College. Her firsthand experience and knowledge living with CP has made her an invaluable colleague and mentor and is an inspiration for many of the people we support as well as our staff. Her expertise and commitment have helped to make a significant impact on the people we support.

One of Kimberly’s classes focuses on Disabilities Studies in which Vernita P. and Markia C. attend together. In particular, their current focus is on disability in literature, where they are discussing the book Wonder by RJ PalacioVernita P stated, “We watched the movie last month, and now Kimberly’s helping us read the book and have a discussion.” Vernita and Markia were all smiles on their video conference with Kimberly and look forward to continuing their work together.



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