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Paul Stroud

Ensuring Persons Supported are Well During COVID-19: Paul Stroud

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ADAPT Community Network Assistant Director Paul Stroud delivers food to the people we support during the Coronavirus Crisis.

When Paul Stroud’s day job as Assistant Director of Program Services was temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus lockdown, he knew that some of the people who depended on his help would still need assistance. For the last few weeks, Paul continued to work volunteering to deliver food from local food pantries to individuals ADAPT supports. He focused on people living alone, and families struggling with their loved ones who are homebound throughout the year – all while caring for his own family. But Paul’s visits mean a great deal more than just delivering essential goods. For example, one of the people he checks in on lives on his own with limited speaking abilities; Paul’s regular visits not only provide him with food but provide ADAPT with an update of how he is doing.

A staff member of ADAPT since 2007, Paul is responsible for creating community connections and opportunities, like volunteering for people supported by ADAPT. One of the relationships he built is with the New Beginning Outreach of Hope food pantry in Queens, where he set up opportunities for persons supported to volunteer. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everyone was asked to stay home, Paul understood the challenges this would pose to ADAPT’s vulnerable population. He began helping the food pantry so people can still receive meals and won’t need to risk leaving their homes.

Paul is also the founder and coach of the ADAPT All-Stars Basketball Team, which was honored in 2015 at the 14th Annual ADAPT Golf Tournament with the ADAPT Champion Award. They are two‐time champions of the Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Center Tournament for individuals with disabilities.

“Paul loves the people we support and would do anything for them. He is a humble person and goes out of his way to help any way he can”, says Jeisson Cardona, Coordinator of Operations, Day Habilitation. The manager of the food pantry told Paul they might have to suspend programs because she doesn’t have enough volunteers. Paul is determined to continue to help out as long as he can.



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