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Dance Group from Utah Wows the Crowd at Lawrence Ave Day Habilitation

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Clayton Productions, a private entertainment school for youth, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, stopped by our Lawrence Avenue Day Habilitation Program on Thursday, June 27th, to perform “Fame & Encore,” a Summer Tour Performance for persons supported at ADAPT Community Network. The talented high school-age group travels around the United States performing at different venues. Mr. Kim Clayton, the founder, and director explained that they make it a point to perform at an organization supporting the disabled community in every city to which they travel.  ADAPT Community Network was fortunate enough to be chosen during their New York City visit.  Their performance was so tremendously uplifting that it inspired many persons to join in on the dancing as well!

The performers sang and danced, showcasing both modern dance and ballet. There was an assortment of songs from various musical genres.  “It was a great experience to watch different theatrical performances come to ADAPT and interact with people with disabilities,” said Nijmah, who attends Brooklyn Habilitation at Lawrence Avenue, “To me, it was 100 percent a thumbs up! I liked the fact that they were interacting with the individuals and getting to know us.”

Thank you to Clayton Productions for making this all possible and brightening our day with your beautiful talent. We are eager to have them back to share their craft again soon!



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