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Brooklyn Day Hab 1 and 3 Hold First Annual Achievement Day

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On Friday July 21st, the ADAPT facility at Lawrence Avenue held the First Annual Achievement Day for Brooklyn Day Hab 1 and 3! At 10 AM, members of the ADAPT community filed into the multi-purpose room at 175 Lawrence Avenue in preparation to watch a slideshow, listen to speeches, give out awards to people supported, and enjoy a nice brunch spread arranged by the ADAPT staff.  

Habilitation specialist Bianca Vigilance and Day Hab Assistant Stephanie White acted as master of ceremonies, delivering the opening statement and handing out several awards and superlatives, such as “Certificate of Achievement in Business,” “Most Artistic,” “Most Independent,” and more. Bianca explained that the purpose of the event was “to highlight and show appreciation toward the individuals for progressing on their outcomes and/or achieving what inspires them.”  

The room watched joyfully as the slideshow encapsulated the past year at Lawrence Ave.: photos included the Thanksgiving celebration, Valentines Day, and lots of random pictures of the community having fun on a daily basis! Many of the awards were given out by the staff, but a few were actually voted on by the people supported.  

At the end of the ceremony, it was announced that Bernard Pires was the Day Hab King and Alya Almathil was the Day Hab Queen! Everybody applauded and smiled as they came to the front of the room to receive their crowns and take pictures. Day Hab goer Cathleen Lee said, “Thank you for the award. I will continue to work on my goals. I will be brave and courageous.”  

The day ended with a dance party in the middle of the MPR, and everybody left with a smile on their face. We can’t wait to see how Brooklyn Day Hab 1 and 3 show out for Achievement Day next year!  



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