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Uriah Higgins and Yesenia Thompson Tie the Knot at the Belsky House

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On a beautiful summer evening in late July, Uriah Higgins and Yesenia Thompson held their wedding ceremony at ADAPT Community Network’s Belsky House residence in Brooklyn. The ceremony was attended by close to 100 family members, individuals, and staff. The bride and groom, Uriah and Yesenia, have known each other close to 20 years. Uriah has lived at Belsky residence for over 25 years.

Uriah and Yesenia established a strong friendship over the years, eventually leading to romance. Finally, a mutual decision was made to get married at the place that they both have called home for so many years and cherish their wonderful memories and shared friends.

The ceremony was conducted by Adlette Charmant, the residence Director, whose staff and family helped with the wedding party arrangements. There was food, a beautiful homemade wedding cake, music, dancing and of course the wedding vows!

“Junior (Uriah), you have been my best friend for the past 18 years. You are my heart and my soul. You are the one that God gave me and I am very thankful for that,” said Yesenia. “No matter where I go or what I do, you will always be the number one man in my life.”

And Uriah responded: “Yesenia, I love you. Today, Yesenia, you, my love, become my crown. I thank Jesus for the honor of going through the time with you. You are my love, my sunshine, and my best friend. Our future as bright as God promises, I will care for you and protect you.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Click here to view photos of the celebration.



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