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ADAPT’s Life Skills Program Visited by Orly Wahba, Creator of the Kindness Boomerang

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On May 7, Life Vest Inside founder, educator and author Orly Wahba met with students in our Life Skills Program at Tottenville High School in Staten Island to discuss becoming “Kindness Ambassadors.” Life Vest Inside’s (LVI) mission is to “empower and unite the world with kindness”, and we were excited to have Ms. Wahba include our students in this mission. Ms. Wahba is known for inspiring and motivating people to be the best that they can be. Through LVI, Wahba encourages people to embrace the power of giving and utilizing kindness as a life vest in times of hardship. Wahba’s organization gained international acclaim when her award-winning film ‘Kindness Boomerang’ went viral, receiving over 100 million views on social media and landed her a speaking engagement at TED2013.

Ms. Wahba set goals with the students by passing out “kindness cards,” and challenged each student to do something nice for someone else in the next 24 hours. The head of our Life Skills Program encouraged the students to take it a step further by doing the act of kindness for someone they don’t know well instead of a friend or family member. Ms. Wahba intends to have a follow-up visit in early June.

You can watch Life Vest Inside’s inspiring viral sensation ‘Kindness Boomerang’ below.



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