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ADAPT’s Chief Program Officer Dahlian Porter Honored for Black History Month

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On February 24th, 2024, ADAPT Chief Program Officer Dahlian Porter was awarded the Drum Major Award by the Eta Theta Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The award was presented to Dahlian at the 39th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Black History Month Commemorative Celebration at the Long Island Mariott Hotel.  

Dahlian was nominated for a Drum Major Award by Stanfort J. Perry, CEO of AHRC Nassau and a brother at Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s Long Island Chapter. Stanfort, who was also the Master of Ceremonies for the event, gave a heartfelt speech upon presenting Dahlian with his award. 

“As we work to promote greater diversity, equity and inclusion within the upper ranks of the disability community,” Stanfort said, “it is very important that we recognize individuals like Mr. Porter for his invaluable contribution to making the lives of those who are often overlooked and misunderstood by many in our community. Their civil rights are our civil rights, their success is our success, and their inclusion is our inclusion.” 

Stanfort’s speech touched on the fact that people with disabilities who are also people of color face compounded struggles because of their race. As the VP of the Executive Board of the InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc., Dahlian fights for equity and fairness on multiple fronts of the disability services community.  

“He is a beacon of light and living testimony of what is possible when you devote your life to some of the most vulnerable citizens,” Stanfort said. “It gives us great honor to recognize one of our own, Mr. Dahlian Porter, for reminding us of what is possible when we promote the dignity and self-worth of all individuals.” 

In his acceptance speech, Dahlian thanked his wife, his daughters, and his colleagues at ADAPT for their support. He looked back at his long career in the field of intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) services with pride, and promised to keep fighting for people with I/DD to live the best lives possible. 

“Some people have jobs—ADAPT is a home away from home,” Dahlian said, reflecting on his 19 ½ years at ADAPT. “ADAPT embodies an organizational culture that Dr. King would be proud of. At ADAPT, we do not need state or federal regulations or mandates to implement DEIAB initiatives. It is simply part of our fabric.” 

Congratulations to Dahlian Porter for the recognition of his outstanding service and leadership in I/DD services! We would also like to recognize Dahlian’s recent appointment to the CP State Board of Directors.  

“We are so proud of Dahlian’s accomplishments and the difference he makes to support people with disabilities to become all that they can be,” said Linda Laul, COO of ADAPT. “Dahlian uses his leadership skills to forward diversity, inclusion and equity in every way possible.” 

As someone who began his career as a Direct Support Professional and is now a highly esteemed executive, Dahlian is the embodiment of ADAPT’s mission of empowering people through innovative solutions, one person at a time.  



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