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Adaptive Waterskiing in Connecticut

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ADAPT Community Network individuals and staff participated in the third annual adaptive waterskiing trip. This year, six individuals Jackie Abramson, Darlene Beltran, Benedictor Payle, Cassius Moncrieffe, Shaniqua Freeman and Latisha Payne traveled to Connecticut with our  ADAPT staff, Shirley Saint-Jean, Exercise Physiologist, and Direct Support Professionals Arman (Elmwood BDH5 Prgm), Walter (Elmwood BDH5 Program), Nyree (Bronx 137th Street Program) and Carvelle (Grand Concourse BXDH3 Program).

Adaptive waterskiing is an exciting sport for individuals with disabilities – made possible by adaptive water skis which allow individuals with limited mobility to safely balance on water. The adaptive water skis allow participants to be seated in order to better handle the elements. The skis have two wings to balance and distribute the weight of the individual and give extra back support while waterskiing. The day started with an introductory crash course where the instructors explained how to water ski and how to use hand signals to alert for any discomfort. After the training, everyone got seated on the skis and attached to the boat – off they went for a joy ride!

For utmost safety, the event included six life guards and some volunteer staff from the Leap of Faith organization. The guards rode along on water skis, jet skis and two were stationed at the speed boat.

The day ended with a fun barbeque and pizza party!



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