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ADAPT Staff Graduate with Master’s Degree Through Stony Brook University

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It’s graduation season here at ADAPT Community Network.  We are pleased to announce that on May 20th, 11 staff members graduated with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Stony Brook University. 

In September 2018, ADAPT Community Network partnered with Stony Brook University to provide an opportunity for our employees to attain a Master of Arts Degree, Liberal Studies with a Human Services Concentration, or a Master of Science in Human Resource Management.  “Through this partnership, Stony Brook provided a special discounted tuition rate for staff who joined the program and ADAPT offered a very significant tuition reimbursement program to help offset costs,” says Gary Dreyfuss, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. 

Gary and Human Resources collaborated with Stony Brook in creating this worthwhile opportunity for staff. “This cohort is very significant, not only for the employees who attained an advanced degree but also for ADAPT. We were able to use this program as a recruiting and retention tool for our staff as well as a great career development opportunity,” says Gary. ADAPT is proud of our first set of graduates who received their Master’s through this partnership with Stony Brook University. 

Staff members are also thankful for this opportunity to invest in their professional and personal development. “I am grateful for the opportunity provided by ADAPT to participate in this master’s program through Stony Brook University! Not only did I achieve my personal goal of obtaining my master’s, but I also strengthen the relationship with my colleagues in my cohort, which positively impacted our work at ADAPT. I am so appreciative of the financial support received through ADAPT’s tuition reimbursement program, which made this endeavor more easily attainable” says Katharine Cleary Rodríguez, Director of Communications.  

Congratulation to Anna Blazeski, Katharine Cleary, Hakiym Colon, Deidre Davis, Laurel Dawkins, Wendy De Leon, Farrah Dormeus-Sanchez, Denika Fleming, Jessica Requena, Sonia Sultan, and Blandina Valerio-Namicela on their achievements. 



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