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ADAPT Resident Turrell Campbell Develops Curricula for Staff Interviews

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Turrell Campbell, a resident of one of ADAPT Community Network’s Brooklyn residences who attends the Flushing Avenue Day Program, is creating new curricula on interviewing skills as part of our Life Skills Program. Turrell is designing the new curricula in collaboration with the Life Skills Program’s Coordinator Scott Feldman and his Habilitation Specialist Michael Luben.

Turrell has already assisted in interviewing potential ADAPT Community Network DSPs for employment.  He has also designed a presentation on interviewing skills which includes taping interviews for real-time feedback.

As part of Turrell’s presentation, students in the Life Skills program from PS 373 in Brooklyn and Tottenville High School in Staten Island, all studied a job description for a food runner position.  Turrell role played the manager of the restaurant and interviewed candidates.  These interviews were videotaped and displayed as a visual aid to enhance the presentation. As a result, students were able see for themselves methods that worked and the ones that needed improvement.

On June  5th, Turrell , Scott and Michael took the show on the road to ADAPT’s 154th Street Day Program.  Turrell facilitated a similar learning experience with individuals supported at this location. His peers received him warmly and were very interested in his insights.



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