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ADAPT Individuals and Local Seniors Spend Day at New York Botanical Gardens

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On a beautiful July day, artists and staff from ADAPT’s Day Program locations in the Bronx took a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens together with a group of seniors from PSS Highbridge Senior Center.

The group toured the sunlit gardens to view the famous Chihuly Installations and various plants and flowers. They had a great time socializing with each other and enjoyed lunch together. The afternoon culminated with individuals having a chance to make digital art on their laptops using the Art Rage software, taught by ADAPT Art Specialist Natalie Reichel.

One individual, Frank, did an incredible sketch of all the Chihuly Installations just from his touring experience that day. Frank said, “It was nice, I enjoyed the flowers and the art that was being shown there. I would like to go again.”

Art Specialist Joyce Jimenez, who teaches Art History to the seniors at PSS Highbridge Senior Center in the Bronx and to our ADAPT artists, led the group.

“During the summer, we plan trips that allow us to make the most of the great weather and the special events in the community,” said Joyce. “The New York Botanical Garden is one of our favorite places as this time; we got to see the Chihuly’s famous hand-blown garden sculptures that have been around since 1960s. Our day was filled with an art hunt, digital painting inspired by these pieces and the farmer’s market on site where we got to sample delicious local foods.”

“This was my second time visiting the Botanical Gardens and my first trip with ADAPT,” said Margarita Diaz, a senior at the PSS Highbridge Senior Center. “I really enjoyed everyone’s company and loved Joyce Jimenez giving us a detailed tour in both English and Spanish of the different pieces of art and the history of the gardens. I feel like I am learning something new this time.”

This trip was a perfect example of how program participants and staff collaborate with other organizations in their communities to teach them about disability while learning about their work and life experiences.




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