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ADAPT Family Connect Summit 2018 Attracts 600 Families and Practitioners

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The annual ADAPT Family Connect Summit was held on Thursday, April 26th   at the New York Academy of Medicine. At this comprehensive event, 600 families, advocates and vendors learned about the latest information, changes and developments in the disability field.

The Summit featured 10 sessions covering diverse topics such as Family Support & Community Services, Assistive Technology, Smart Homes, and Problem-Solving Daily Living Challenges. The event also hosted a vendor fair where 70 organizations and companies showcased their services and products that are helpful for individuals living with disabilities.

This year’s plenary session, led by Edward R. Matthews, CEO, ADAPT Community Network and Arthur  Webb, Sr. Counselor on Health and Human Services, Capalino & Company, was attended by over 500 guests. The topic of this informative session was Achieving Conflict-Free Case Management in New York State and the Transition to Managed Care. “Managed Care is coming and it will not hurt you. It doesn’t mean less care – it’s simply how you manage it,” said Matthews, who opened the plenary discussion. “New York is the only state in the country doing anything like this. There are currently 377 providers delivering these services in our state that has the second largest Medicaid population in the US with a third of the total population depending on it. With Managed Care, New York will take a path where families, individuals and providers are working together to build a streamlined delivery system.” Matthews also provided an overview of the current services in the New York State, the costs associated with them and how they are becoming unsustainable.

Arthur Webb, a renowned consultant with decades of experience in the disability field, has advised many state governmental organizations and nonprofits around the country that are currently moving to the managed care system. “There’s a demand to get more value out of our public dollars. We need to demonstrate that the eight billion dollar system has outcomes we can measure. I believe that we will get more value out of the money spent by embracing managed care,” said Webb. “With the Managed Care model, we will bring the disability field into compliance and consolidate care coordination. The values we have built into this effort are continuity, stability and accountability,” he added.

The panelists also shed light on the upcoming July 1 deadline when Conflict Free Case Management becomes effective in New York State. There will be seven care coordination organizations that will employ more than 3,000 service coordinators to accommodate over 100,000 people with disabilities in New York state.

Matthews and Webb answered many audience questions after the presentation, and 95% of families that completed a survey about their experience said that they have more choice and control as a result of this session.

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