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A Message from our CEO

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At ADAPT Community Network, we are directly responsible for the health and safety of hundreds of people who live with us, and we support thousands of families and individuals living at home. In this time of an unprecedented worldwide health crisis, this is an incredibly challenging task. Day Habilitation programs and schools are closed, and by Governor’s order will remain so until at least April 15th.  Our residential programs do not allow for social distancing, and the residents need staff to help meet their everyday needs.

Despite those challenges, our staff has been doing an outstanding job supporting everyone. Modern technology is invaluable as it allows us to keep in touch with both adults and children living at home. Our staff are able to work on lesson plans with parents and ensure those living alone have food and medication. Telehealth has allowed our doctors and nurses to monitor our residents and check for symptoms of COVID-19 as well as other health conditions.

This situation, I admit, will stretch us to our limits. But, we will all get through this together. We all must depend on each other no matter how remote we are during this time. For our staff, they have earned our undying admiration. For our families and all the people we support, we will  continue to be there to meet your needs. For those who can help us financially, we will be forever grateful. This is an hour of great need for ADAPT as our resources are stretched to the limits with additional expenses.  Personal Protective Equipment is vital for the safety of our residents and staff as well as food and other goods for some people living alone. The people we support need our help more than ever.

Our main hope for everyone, is continued good health and safety. Thank you.

Sincerely,Edward Matthews
CEO, ADAPT Community Network



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