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The ABCs of the LMS (Learning Management System)

One of the most essential parts of working at ADAPT Community Network is receiving and keeping current on the training to work with the people we support. Currently, Workforce Development is utilizing a new platform called the Learning Management System (LMS) to help train both old and new employees. The LMS “automates the delivery and […]

John’s Crazy Socks Competition Winner

Love, Strength, and Completion are what inspired us to create “The Love Symbol” that will join “John’s Crazy Socks“ Family. Creating our sock involved a lot of passion, strength, and creativity. The sock designs and decorations embody the different personalities that were involved in creating it and what we represent at ADAPT Community Network. Love […]

Family Connect Summit Scores High Marks with Those Seeking Supports and Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Over 630 professionals, parents, siblings, and vendors flocked to the New York Academy of Medicine on Friday, May 3rd for ADAPT Community Network’s Family Connect Summit. The annual event featured workshops on a variety of topics that affect families of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as the professionals who work with them. […]