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ADAPT is something we all do – to life, to our environment, and to the circumstances we find ourselves in at any given moment. Community signals that we, and all to whom we provide services, are part of the fabric of the communities in which we live. Network describes the alliances we will form to expand our reach to guarantee the fullest possible life for all those who look to us for support.

ADAPT’s new tagline is [we change]. Whether it is lives, communities, social attitudes or our own services, it’s the most important thing we’ve learned to do in 75 years.


ADAPT Community Network is celebrating 75 years of proudly supporting children, adults and their families who have disabilities. ADAPT continues to honor the founders’ legacy by continuing to help our people recognize their full potential.

ADAPT’s comprehensive programs provide education, health, technology, residential and recreational services to over 20,000 individuals and families, living with challenges such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and neuromuscular disorders.

ADAPT Community Network is empowering people through innovative solutions, one person at a time.

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With support from our partners and through the generosity of our donors, ADAPT Community Network continues to create a more inclusive world for children and adults with disabilities. ADAPT is empowering people through innovative solutions, one person at a time.

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